Metamor Consulting is the Learning & Development and Corporate Learning Division of Mandala Consulting




Metamor Consulting were established with the intention of being the Learning & Development and Corporate Training Delivery Division of Mandala Consulting. 

The name Metamor is derived from the word “Metamorphoses” - meaning change.  The same metamorphoses butterflies will go through, developing from a small egg into something wonderful and beautiful to reach their full potential.


The philosophy of Metamor Consulting is to take an individual and indeed an organisation from its small “egg like self”, and through a learning and growth process transform it into something wonderful and beautiful.

Metamor is therefore about change, improvement, renewal and preparation; of which preparation is the key driver.  We strive to prepare learners and organisations alike in their knowledge, skills and confidence to deliver their required business outputs.


Systemic in its thinking and process driven it its delivery, Metamor Consulting builds a relationship with a client, to develop their business. Our authenticity in its true meaning - 'being true and real, open and honest to self and the world', is the way we do business and our passion for what we do is our trademark. Networking with associates, ensures that you get exactly what you require. Metamor Consulting builds relationships with organisations, which are going through transformation, change and growth




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